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Savings from Design Envelope installations
for our clients worldwide since 2007

kWh electricity
$ US total
Tonnes of CO2 equivalent
Total carbon savings equal to cars off the road for one year

Our Planet Proposition

Our planet proposition describes how environmental stewardship is ingrained in the Armstrong business.

At Armstrong we acknowledge our collective responsibility towards the environment by:

Designing, promoting and applying the most energy-efficient fluid flow solutions

Applying stringent environmental and health & safety standards and improvement metrics to our operations

Pursuing projects that integrate renewables and pave the way to net-zero carbon buildings

Educate and support the Armstrong community to make environmentally friendly choices at work and at home

A high-efficiency vehicle in a dedicated parking spot.

Our latest internal sustainability story

Green parking

We are doing our part in creating an internal sustainable environment at Armstrong facilities. At our headquarters in Toronto, Armstrong has built a parking lot that makes room for trees, and gives pride of place for vehicles that meet guidelines for fuel efficiency.